100 x 65mm Irish Oak Cherry Plastic Headed Pins Poly Topped – Stainless Steel

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These nails are suitable for use with Irish Oak, Cherry Oak and English oak. Plastic top pins and nails (commonly referred to as polytops) are a unique range of self masking fasteners specially developed for use on all exposed fixing areas particularly UPVC and other maintenance free profiles.

Their specially designed annular rings on the shank provide the plastic top pins and with the gripping characteristics of a conventional wood screw.

Having a practical polymer shatter proof head together with the A4 stainless steel shank makes these plastic top pins and nails corrosion resistant and maintenance free.

Securing the flat polymer head with its specially tapered sides means the plastic top nail is far more tamper resistant than ordinary screws and nails and gives a great finish.

Do take care to ensure they aren’t hammered to far and denting the boards being fixed.

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