5m -100mm UPVC Skirting Board White English Oak Rosewood Plastic PVC Roomline

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5m Roomline skirting means less joins and is available off the shelf in most areas

Roomline Skirting brings a pristine finishing touch to any room in the house. But its real beauty lies in how much easier it is to install compared with traditional wooden boards.

In fact, even for the non-tradesmen, Roomline can be up to 50% quicker to cut and fit than timber mouldings thanks to a number of ingenuous features that have been incorporated into its design.

The most notable are the pre-fabricated corner pieces that allow perfect external and internal skirting corner joints, every time. If you’ve ever tried mitring skirting boards yourself you’ll know it’s not as easy as it looks! All that measuring, marking and carefully cutting a corner joint for your wooden skirting boards – only to end up with unsightly gaps instead of the neatly butted edges the professionals always seem to achieve – you’ll appreciate the difference they’ll make to the speed and quality of the finished job.

The problem when you’re taking the traditional route is that walls are very seldom perfectly straight and corners very rarely perfect right angles, even in the newest of homes.

When you’re creating an external corner, that means you have to precisely measure the respective angles for each mitred edge before translating them to the correct settings on your power saw or mitring box. Not forgetting, of course, to do your supplementary angle calculations if you’re dealing with an obtuse corner of more than ninety degrees. (But of course, you knew that already…)

When you’re attempting internal corner joints, things get even more fiddly. All we can suggest is that you search online for tips on ‘coping inside corners’ before you decide if your maths, coping saw skills and patience are fully up to the job…

With the Roomline corner joint system, on the other hand, you can swap the mess, stress and colourful language for quick, easy clip together joints that leave no gaps and need no filling, painting or sanding to look their best.

Because the corner joints are supplied separately, the only sawing you need to do is the dead straight kind to cut your skirting to the correct length. There’s no mitring needed, and because it’s UPVC instead wood, you can work indoors without having a house full of sawdust to sweep up afterwards.

You don’t even need any other tools apart from a conventional saw. Roomline UPVC skirting and architrave is fixed directly onto the wall with nothing more than two beads of conventional builder’s adhesive. No drills, no screws, no nails. Simple.

A more sustainable way to finish off your rooms


Durable and long lasting

  • Hard wearing UPVC
  • Quality laminate finish
  • Robust interior structure

Choice of finishes

  • White Satin
  • English Oak
  • Rosewood

Low maintenance

  • No painting, sanding or filling
  • Wipe clean finish resists scuffs and marking
  • Moisture resistant

Up to 50% faster fitting

  • No screws or nails – simply glue to the wall
  • Premoulded corner pieces for quick, seamless angles.
  • No mitring required
  • No saws or power tools needed

Environmentally friendly

  • Made from 100% recycled UPVC
  • Integral rubber gasket reduces draughts and saves energy


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