Door Seal Draught Proof Kit + Pins Q-Lon 2×2.05m + 1x1m Class 2 FREE DELIVERY

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Schlegel Q-Lon Seals are regarded as one of the best seals available and quite rightly so.  Simple to fit they provide a 2nd custom made frame that flex and fit to your door perfectly.  When deciding what colour to go with we always recommend the frame colour be the deciding factor.
This is the door seal kit to draught seal one external or internal door. We also have matching doorbrushes available just take a look at our other items  We also have door kits available in a class 1 material which is for  areas where exposure to draughts is greater. Available in White or Brown
Take a look at are other items and you will see we have everything you need to keep your home warm this winter.
These can of course also be used around wood casement windows and the fitting is a simple diy task.
To install we recommend the use of anvil action secateurs.  (if not possible a junior hacksaw will suffice)
Close the door in to its normally closed position.  (Make sure you have your key on you if day latch type door!)
2 full lengths and 1 half length are provided.  Cut the top first using the half length cut at an angle if necessary so as the seal isn’t being fouled within the recess.  You may find it easier to measure the size required whatever way works for you is good
Offer up to the frame until the seal makes contact with the door.  Once contact has been made go forward another 2-3mm  Insert pins into the predrilled nail holes and secure as necessary. (pins are provided)
Ensure a pin is present in each corner. (no more than 25-30-mm from the corner)  a pin can be gently tapped through the plastic carrier if required.
Cut one of the side pieces (we recommend doing the latch side next followed by the hinge side) shape as necessary to  keep the joint nice and tight.  Pin at the top then the middle.  Once you have a couple of pins in cut the bottom to the required length. If you have a weather bar fitted to the door you need to cut to the top of this in most cases.
It is better to pin top, middle and bottom and then split so as the seal is pinned with consistent pressure  on the door.
If you have any questions or require further instruction please call and we will do our best to assist
Dale – 07521 844223

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