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Stay Fresh is the ultimate anti-mould shower and bathroom sealant with a lifetime guarantee against mould growth.
It is a 100% premium quality low modulus, neutral curing silicone sealant, designed specifically for use in all sanitary applications.
Suitable for sealing on all common types of bathroom surfaces such as, tiles, ceramics, porcelain, corian, acrylic, plastics, PVCu, GRP, glass, enamel, stainless steel, metal, timber, MDF and plaster.
300 ml cartridge.

STAY FRESH – eliminates all problems associated with traditional sealants when used in areas of high humidity – a permanent end to unsightly mould and fungus, discolouration, adhesion problems and bad odours.

Stay Fresh is the ultimate anti-mould shower and bathroom sealant.


* DUAL ACTION – it includes a powerful dual action fungicide and biocide, but is safe enough to use in food preparation areas.
* LOW ODOUR – Unlike traditional sealants it does not smell of vinegar, doesn’t contain or release acids and is compatible with all plumbing materials including copper piping.
* LOW EMISSIONS – Stay Fresh is classified as a low emission product, rated A+ Indoor Emission Level and EC1plus under GEV-EMICODE.
* SOLVENT FREE – Contains no volatile solvents and does not shrink after use.

* Sealing around baths – acrylic, porcelain enamelled steel, cast iron and GRP.
* Sealing around shower trays – ceramic, enamelled steel, laminated wood, resin stone, cast stone, reinforced acrylic sheet, acrylic capped ABS.
* Sealing around toilets, urinals and bidets – ceramic, porcelain, plastic, stainless steel, galvanised steel.
* Sealing around sinks, washbowls and basins – stainless steel, porcelainenamelled steel and cast iron, plastics, ceramics, concrete, wood, stone, copper and glass.
* Sealing around bathroom furniture – MDF and wood.
* Sealing around pipework and penetrations – copper and PVCu.
* Sealing around windows, door frames, vents, skirting boards – wood, PVCu, aluminium.
* Sealing around flooring perimeter joints – wood, ceramic tiles.
* Sealing in kitchen areas – including food preparation areas.

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